07 November 2010

FCC Phnom Penh

Between two recording sessions, the Mekong Pirates will play live and loud at the FCC.
Saturday 13 November, from 9pm till late... free entrance.

08 October 2010

The Mekong Pirates are back!

After a short yet active few months of absence, the Pirates are back on stage in Phnom Penh.
They will play on October 16th, right where they belong: at the Chinese House
Since the 13 members of the group felt a little bit lonely, Samret, a Khmer musician will come and give them a hand
Caution: the concert will start at 8 pm. A happy hour cocktail (Pirates punch at $1) will surely convince you

15 September 2010

Latest news from the Pirates

In a few days, the Pirates will use their rehearsal place more than ever as it is now turned into a recording studio: they are burning their first album!
For those of you who don't want to miss a bit of this new project, a blog will keep you posted @ MP Recording Sessions
But what are the Pirates without the heat of live performances? New dates in Phnom Penh will come up very soon.
Stay tuned.

05 August 2010


Mekong Pirates' first video clip ever is now edited. Shooted by Bertrand Mussotte during the performance in Kep (April), you can see it on Youtube at the following link :

Kampuchea Live

The Pirates are sailing away, with a little break after their series of June performances.
They will be back in September to record their first album, and only a little while later for a few concerts in Phnom Penh.
For those who can't wait that long, a live CD (8 tracks) is available at an incredible super affordable price of $3.

18 June 2010

The alternate Music Fest

After celebrating Music with Java in FCC gardens, the Mekong Pirates are back on Monday June 21st. This time with many other groups from Phnom Penh and beyond (Keltica, Section 5 and other) in the Temple of live music in town : The Memphis
Entrance free and Exit late

07 June 2010

FĂȘte de la Musique

"Java", a group from France and mixing hip hop, funk and... accordion, is in Cambodia to celebrate Music.
They will perform in the gardens of the French Cultural Center on Wednesday 16 June (6.30 pm)
And the Mekong Pirates will open the show for them !

02 June 2010

What a night !

It seems that performing at the Chinese House turns out well for the Mekong Pirates.
We saw the musicians play and perspire, the audience dance and sing, the stage collapse and the public carry the pirates... on their back !
Thank you for this hysterical evening. And a special thank to Paul for his warm welcome in his Chinese house.

20 May 2010

Back to China

After an expeditious yet triumphant tour in kep, the Mekong Pirates are back in Phnom Penh !
They will be at the Chinese House on Friday May 28th
All around and equipped with new pieces.
Come in crowds, we'll keep warm ...

17 May 2010

All ready to rock you

Dom (trumpet) is back.
He hasn't even recovered from his farewell concert and there he is, back in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Since then, the MP are all around, and many events are scheduled for June.
Stay tuned on this blog.

19 March 2010

The Pirates hit the sea !

The Mekong Pirates will be sailing at last !
They will be in concert at Kukululu guesthouse in Kep on Saturday 3 April from 9 pm onwards (free entrance).
Let's all meet in Kep to see if those Pirates who've never sailed can face the waves.

11 March 2010

Back at FCC

The MP invest the FCC of PP (Sisowath Quay). They will play there on
Saturday March 20th from 9 pm to really late. With the intention of
putting this respectable establishment upside down, just as last time.
Come and give them a hand!

19 February 2010

Farewell to Marion and Dom !

Thanks to all of you who came to Tamarind to listen to Marion, surrounded by her agitated Pirates one last time, a few hours only before she left the Kingdom of Cambodia, heading towards new exciting adventures.
Good luck to Dom as well in his journey.
So long !

Almost professional

The question was whether MP were the most professional group in town: 50% responded YES... while the other half is still in doubt.
Well, we will try to convince you (or not) during our next concerts.
In the meantime, as it seems many of you actually believe what's written in Asia Life, here's an abstract of their reports after the FCC concert :
" The FCC rooftop was teeming with revellers from all walks of life. It seems the entire city had come out to see phnom Penh's favourite eclectic 15 musicians band. The energy level was on overload as dancers crowded to the front and vraned their necks to catch a glimp of the band's pirate costumes".

06 February 2010

Mekong Pirates Unplugged

Soon, Marion (guitar) and Dom (trumpet) will leave the Kingdom of Cambodia.
For one last night, they will play music with friends, especially with their Pirates of the Mekong. You are welcome to hear them for this last gig, for once unplugged.
When ? Friday 12 February
Where ? Tamarind Restaurant (Street 240)

03 February 2010

Party with friends

Lady Penh celebrates its first birthday !
We'll party at the Chinese House on Saturday February 6th with "Kheltica" (Celtic music), "Cacath and the Poporks" (Jazz and more) and... The "Phnom Penh Horns" (Brass section of the Mekong Pirates).
Hope to see you there !

01 February 2010

Chinese videos

The Pirates uploaded for you some footage of the Chinese House performance!
You can almost see and more or less hear them if you just click on the following links :


19 January 2010

What gigs !

Thanks to everyone who came at the Chinese House and/or at FCC. It's been great nights for the Mekong Pirates.
Soon you will know when and where the next gigs take place.
Hope to see you there.

Mekong Pirates' Blog

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This blog will give you the main news about your favourite band in PP.
Stay in touch !