18 June 2010

The alternate Music Fest

After celebrating Music with Java in FCC gardens, the Mekong Pirates are back on Monday June 21st. This time with many other groups from Phnom Penh and beyond (Keltica, Section 5 and other) in the Temple of live music in town : The Memphis
Entrance free and Exit late

07 June 2010

FĂȘte de la Musique

"Java", a group from France and mixing hip hop, funk and... accordion, is in Cambodia to celebrate Music.
They will perform in the gardens of the French Cultural Center on Wednesday 16 June (6.30 pm)
And the Mekong Pirates will open the show for them !

02 June 2010

What a night !

It seems that performing at the Chinese House turns out well for the Mekong Pirates.
We saw the musicians play and perspire, the audience dance and sing, the stage collapse and the public carry the pirates... on their back !
Thank you for this hysterical evening. And a special thank to Paul for his warm welcome in his Chinese house.